Stuffed Mushrooms

These are quite tasty.  Even the bf liked these before he started eating raw voluntarily!

juice of lemon
julienne carrots
button mushrooms

Put cashews in the food processor with a bit of juice from a lemon.  The quantity of cashew depends on how many caps you have to fill.  Use as much lemon as you need to get the cashews creamy (if you have a lot, you may need more than one lemon).  Once they are creamy, add in julienne carrots, pecans, and basil & pulse until almost smooth, but a tad chunky.  Remove the stems from your mushrooms, and fill.  That's it!  If you have a dehydrator, you could warm these up a bit-- in 2 to 4 hours they look and taste like cooked stuffed mushrooms.  The ones in the pic are fresh.  I like 'em better that way.



Johanna B said...

I got the ingredients to try your mushrooms tonight. I love the idea of easy raw recipes. I look forward to reading your blog regularly.

~pixx said...

Thank you! Easy is nice, isn't it?? :~)

Genny said...

Those look really great. I'd love to try those out for a raw potluck sometime. I think I would throw in some garlic or ginger to the recipe.

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Phoenix's Muse said...

I love putting things in my new dehydrator to get them warm too. It's awesome. I did that with a blueberry dessert I made recently and the result was delicious. I pretty much never dry anything fully, except vegetable crackers and croutons for my salads -- all the fruit I eat just after it's about a quarter dry (about five hours, roughly) and enjoy it warm and full of the cinnamon (or whatever) I've covered it in. I've started eating everything in halves. Half fresh now, half dehydrated for later! :D