Blueberry Peach Tarts


8 dates

1/2 C pecans


2 peaches

1/2 C blueberries

1 tsp lemon juice

1 T  honey, maple syrup, or agave

Dice peaches, saving two whole slices for decoration.  Toss all filling ingredients in a bowl.  Let sit in 'fridge to let flavors mingle, while preparing crust.

Pulse crust ingredients until fine and crumbly.  Pat into two individual sized tart pans.  Place in freezer for approximately one hour so shape will set for easy removal from tart pan.  (Pans with a removable bottom are recommended.  Otherwise you could just leave it in the dish for serving.)

Remove crusts from tart pans.  Spoon in filling, top with reserved whole slices, and enjoy immediately!



rainburkett said...

That looks yummy. I'll have to try it this evening, though I may just use the filling. I've tried several nut concoctions and they all bother my stomach except macadamias. Maybe I could try it with those. Just out of curiosity, which sweetener did you use? Honey?

~pixx said...

Macadamias should work fine. At the time I made this particular one in the photo, I was using agave (and had written the recipe out back then for agave.) BUt since then have decided not to use agave in my diet any more. Now I use raw honey, and on occasions some (non-raw) maple syrup. Whatever liquid sweetener you are comfortable with, should work just fine! It helps give the fruit a sauciness that resembles a cooked pie.

Sorry I didn't get to this sooner! I'm sure whatever you used, it turned out great! Let us know! :~)

rainburkett said...

I did try this with a few modifications. I had to use frozen blueberries, because fresh ones are so expensive in Utah right now. I used brown rice syrup as the sweetener, and it really did create that sauciness you mentioned. I know it's not raw, but I'm very sensitive to sugar, and brown rice syrup is the only concentrated sweetener that doesn't affect me. It also turned blue, because the blueberries bled when they thawed. :)

I made the crust with macadamias. That bothered my stomach a little, but not nearly as much as other nuts. I added a little raw cacao powder to the crust, so it was kind of like a brownie crust.

Thanks so much for the great idea. I've tried a raw apple cobbler before, but this was much better.

~pixx said...

Oh, I am sooo not the raw police! I am not 100% myself, and I see no reason to need to be so strict with it. If brown rice syrup works for you, then by all means, enjoy it!

Your pie sounded wonderful. Glad you enjoyed it. :~)

rainburkett said...

I don't know if this is the place to post this question, but your comment about not being the "raw police" brings it up. You're obviously very into raw foods, but why aren't you 100%? Most raw foodies I've met, online and in person, are absolutely convinced that it the *best* way for everyone to eat and they aim for 100%. I'm just wondering why you don't agree with that, but yet you're still very involved with gone raw and you have this blog for raw recipes.

~pixx said...

Health, in all forms, is very important to me. I do feel it is healthy to be high-raw. I don't feel that all cooked foods are "poison". I personally feel that whole grain breads, "clean" meats (no hormones, fed properly, etc), and farm eggs can be healthy choices, if one is not sensitive or allergic to them. My personal choice is to avoid most process foods, and stick with natural real foods. I have also given up those foods I am allergic and sensitive to. Such as: beef, dairy, processed sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc.

Psychological health is part of being "healthy". It saddens me deeply when I see folks, on goneraw or elsewhere, who beat themselves up over "falling off the wagon". In my opinion, there is no wagon to fall off of! One can certainly cause more damage by stressing the foods we eat, than we do by simply eating "healthy" choices that happen to be cooked. I feel we should each make our own minds up about what works for us. And I also believe that what works can change over time.

This is not a religion. There does not have to be dogma.

If brown rice syrup works for you now, then there is no reason, in my mind, to feel bad about that. You may change your mind at some point. And you may not. And that's ok too.

If you reach a point in your life where you feel that such-n-such is "unhealthy" for you, then give it up. Otherwise, don't stress it. That is my opinion.

I try to keep this site as close to vegan as possible, because that is the most popular form of "raw" (but not the only one). I felt it would appeal to more readers, so that is what this site is about. If I were to buy a book about desserts, I'd be ok with the fact that the author eats more than just desserts.

Sorry that's a novella, there. Hopefully I've answered your question. :~)

rainburkett said...

That was a great answer, and it reflects most of my own opinions. Thanks. The reason I asked is that I'm trying to learn everything I can about what motivates different people to eat different ways. At the moment, I'm drawn towards more raw fruits and veggies, but I don't expect that to last forever. It's just what I need to recover from a year-long illness.

I'm preparing myself to be sort of a food/nutrition consultant: someone who can assist others in implementing dietary changes. I'm not going to be the person who tells others what they should eat, just help them find foods they like and can prepare for the diet that they've chosen (or have had chosen for them in the case of allergies). Looking at the raw recipes here and on Gone Raw has given me tons of ideas on recipes that will help those with allergies and intolerances.

Joanna Steven said...

This looks amazing! Yum, I'll have to try it :)

~pixx said...

Thanks, Joanna! Let us know how you like it.

Happy Birthday to you! :~)

Twins said...

Tarts looks delicious! Peach season is here so these would be great right now :)

Pure2Raw Twins

Phoenix's Muse said...

I'm pretty sure that will still taste great without any syrups in it. Fruit, dates and nuts -- who needs to add syrup? :P