Over the past couple years, my diet has been evolving to more and more natural and healthy food.  First to go was the fried food.  Oh how I loved fried food!  Amazingly, one day I just didn't want it any more.  I have not tried to weed out anything from my diet,  I've just been listening more and more to what my body wants.  I simply wasn't drawn to it like I once was, and I ate fried foods weekly!  The deep frier was the most used appliance in the kitchen.  Seriously!  My body must have decided it had taken enough abuse.

I ate a fairly healthy diet in my twenties (or at least what I thought was healthy at the time!  Lots of cheese and fruit.) But in my thirties I was acquainted with soda and chips and all manner of SAD foods. Ugh!  I enjoyed it at the time, but my body really paid for it.

Cheese was out this go around, as I had found out I am allergic to dairy; anything cow, actually (beef too).  But I have enjoyed having fruit back in my diet.  Seems with all those soda's, chips, and other fried foods, I just wasn't wanting any fruit.  But with most of that now gone, my desire for fruit was a bit overwhelming.  Now, it's the bulk of my diet.

I have been having fun trying various "superfoods" over the past couple years.  Some I have been obsessed with (raw honey), others not so much (lucuma).  I'll elaborate more on that in the coming days.

It's good to be back!  I look forward to sharing more yummy (and sometimes the not-so-yummy) stuff with you.

By the way, the juice in that pic up there is apples and a pomegranate that I ran through my Green Life juicer.  YUM!



Phoenix's Muse said...

There was a time when I had a deep-fryer. I used it about four times a week to deep fry chicken wings and sometimes to make home-made french fries. The chicken wings were mostly for my boyfriend at the time, but I put them over a large plate of brown rice so the oil could get into the rice and then pouring hot sauce over all of it. I would eat two of the chicken wings (out of about eight of them) and then eat 60% of the rice (out of about five cooked cups)... Yeah, that used to be my very favorite thing to eat. >.<

Clee said...

I was hoping to find a written recipe for your 'probiotic soda'/water kefir/whatever else you called it that I can't remember! Think you'll post anything about that anytime soon?
(I am really liking your other posts, too!)

~pixx said...

Post is up, Clee! ;)

~pixx said...

Ohh, that sounds sooo like my old diet Phoenix Muse. Only, I would have eaten almost all of the wings myself!