Chocolate Strawberry Sandwich

I've been a really bad blogger!  It's been forever since I have added anything here.  I have been busy collecting up photos, and recipes, but that's as far as they got!  :(   I'll be adding some of those over the coming days.  :)

This is one from last strawberry season.  Apparently I didn't write down the "recipe" for this one; not in a place I can find at the moment anyhow!  As I recall, I was trying to find a use for the tahini I had bought, as I just wasn't fond of it.  I added in cocoa powder, coconut oil, and agave to make this tasty spread.  It was really great with the strawberries!   I used an Ezekiel muffin.  They are not raw, but they are sprouted, and quite tasty!

It's really fun to go back over all these photos I have collected up, as my diet has changed a lot since then.  Most of my life I couldn't get through a day without chocolate!!  Funny, now I rarely ever want some (I was still eating it quite frequently when I made this last May, though!)  


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